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    DETUR OPERATIONS AND TRADE LIMITED officially began operating on July 2nd, 2009 in Malta. Besides handling accommodations for our branches in Scandinavia for travelers to Turkey, Greece, Spain, Tunisia, Egypt and Thailand, our Malta office also have the resources and personnel to provide consultancy, research and development.
    Additionally, we ensure the successful completion of all our operations by cooperating with tour operators on projects for new destinations, by boosting productivity based on financial forecasts, and by providing high quality service.

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    Rokna Apartments Flat 1/B, Qui-Si-Sana Place Sliema SLM 3110 Malta
    Phone: +356 21 37 55 55
    Fax: +356 21 35 10 10
    E-mail: info@detur.com.mt 
    Web Site: www.deturgroup.com